Stepping Up

Drug & alcohol counselling

We provide evidence-based treatments for people with substance use and related issues, such as mental health, family/relationships, justice and legal issues.

Our services are carefully tailored to your individual treatment goals, and we connect you with other supports in the community. Counselling can be done face to face or over the phone, in individual or group settings (including family counselling).

We also offer after-hours counselling. Discuss your concerns, strengthen your understanding and start your journey today by contacting your local Drug and Alcohol intake service and take the first step to recovery.

We also provide

  1. Care and recovery coordination: We coordinate your treatment, plan your goals and support connections to other services.
  2. Non-residential withdrawal services: We provide a clinical withdrawal assessment, treatment and referral service. Our non-residential withdrawal program is provided by Windana.
  3. Overdose Prevention: We provide education around use and overdose prevention.