Stepping Up

Family violence

We provide therapeutic family support for adults and children that have or are experiencing family violence. The TRAK Forward (Therapeutic Recovery for Adults and Kids) program has a focus on safety, meaning, empowerment and reconnection using one-to-one coaching, meditation, mindfulness, group work, therapeutic work and ongoing peer support. Your family is assigned a Therapeutic Recovery Planner who will work with you throughout the program.

  • Peek-A- Boo Club: We run an 8-week program for women and infants (0-3 years). Providing a
    safe place for mothers and infants to interact and influence positive developmental
    pathways for infants.
  • Beyond the violence: This program is for women and children (0-18 years) who have been
    affected by family violence to work together and build childrens social skills around
    cooperation, conflict resolution, dealing with feelings and getting along and making friends.
  • Family Counselling: We provide family therapy for families in which adolescents have
    perpetrated family violence, addressing the intergenerational influences.
  • One to One: We provide one on one coaching in the family home or refuge, using
    empowerment to support parents to interact with your children and develop positive
  • Peer Support: Ongoing support is offered through peer based group work, to foster the
    development of your strengths amongst your friendships.

We support the delivery of these programs in partnership with Emerge and Anglicare. Our programs provide a safe place for parents and children to find hope and set goals for the future. For more information Contact: