Stepping Up

You are not alone. Here are some of the people we’ve helped on their own journey to recovery.

  • “The program deals both with addiction and social issues, it gave me positive thoughts.”

    Mark, 50
  • “I now feel I have direction, purpose and a much more positive outlook toward achieving my goal to be healthier, a better father and a member of the community.” Kevin, 45
  • “The group was open and shared ideas, everybody was honest and compassionate.”

    Laura, 26
  • Shannae, 45
  • “Even after just one session, so much to gain from this lesson. I think she will be the one, to help me be a better mum. Just to help me overall, to be strong and stand up tall. Her strength helps me along the way, and so I fight another day."

    A poem for my clinician, by Kate
  • “This has been the most helpful service I have linked in with, the staff are lovely.” Jane, 32
  • “I enjoyed the social aspect of the Day Treatment program, it provided routine and a safe place to share my experiences.”

    Greg, 48
  • “Great program! The staff are amazing and have incredible knowledge, they care about us and I can’t thank them enough for what they have done for me.” Tracey, 40
  • “Stepping Up has provided me with a positive social group to share and work with. The atmosphere is friendly, safe and encouraging.” Andrew, 48